Gone are the days when you had to choose between something that looked good and something that worked well. Thanks to the technological advances in production and precision engineering, fortunately, we no longer require to choose.
We literally can have it all.

Germany are the leaders in precision engineering innovation and advanced production methods which can be witnessed in their exhibition kitchens at German Kitchen Studio. Thanks to precision engineering and computer aided design, we are now able to maximise the usable space within our kitchens and ensure there is no ‘dead space’. When we say dead space – can you remember in years gone by when your kitchen used to house a thousand spiders in those hard to reach spaces formed by under bench corner units where only carrier bags could live? Yes! Well now through ingenious design, the corner unit has taken the form of one of the most practical features in your kitchen. Corner carousels which appear from the void and can virtually house all of your pots and pans then with the slightest of touches slide back into the space that would, in days gone by, be full of carrier bags. It is amazing that you can look at a product and be in awe of its beauty yet be so impressed by its practicality.

The same thing can be said about wall units. Normally supplied in a standard size and typically wasting so much space above them, wall units can now be designed and manufactured to offer ceiling level storage, again, maximising the usable space.

Precision is the key to getting the most out of a new kitchen. Having to mix and match from a limited range and fitting a kitchen with tolerance in mind are a thing of the past. With advanced laser measuring techniques and computerised engineering, you can have a brand new fitted kitchen which has been manufactured to your precise requirements. If your walls aren’t quite 90 degrees to each other in the corners your work surface would normally require adjustment, however, with new technology it will be laser cut to an exacting degree of accuracy and there will be no need for any plastic joining strips. The quality of a modern kitchen is not even comparable to kitchens of yesteryear.

So back to the original question – Practicality vs. Aesthetics? … There is no longer a decision to make – have both!

German Kitchen Studio in Kirkcaldy are a Premier supplier of German rigid carcass kitchens and a friendly team too. The showroom boasts a wide range of kitchen displays, demonstrating how far kitchens have advanced and the importance of the role they play in everyday life.   After all – the kitchen is the heart of your home!