A space for the family to thrive

  1. What were you looking for in your kitchen?
    An open plan space so that we could use more often and interact as a family. We decided to open up and create a new living/kitchen space
  2. What set German Kitchen Studio apart from other suppliers?
    Good knowledge of products, attention to detail, good interaction on how things were going to be planned and fitted. Excellent customer service and excellent quality of workmanship from the whole team from John, Roy, Claire, William & team, Brian and Richard
  3. How do you feel the design process went?
    Design process was good. Attention to detail ensured the job was carried out right first time. John and his team listened to our requirements and designed accordingly
  4. Did the installation process go smoothly?
    Yes, everything went to plan. Even with some last-minute flooring changes, the team worked together to achieve the end result
  5. How was the customer service, were you kept informed/updated about everything?
    Customer service was top class. Always informed on any changes or discussions required were done upfront

Mr & Mrs Simpson, Kirkcaldy

We look forward to sharing our creative kitchen design ideas with you